PTSD Treatment Programs in Northern Utah

PTSD is a difficult condition to deal with in itself, but when it is accompanied with behavioral issues, suicidal acts or thoughts, running away, or excessive disobedience, PTSD is even harder to handle.

LifeLine for Youth is here to help.

We offer residential PTSD counseling programs at our northern Utah location for adolescents throughout the western states, including Idaho, Nevada, Washington, and California. We offer an effective substitute to other approaches like teen boot camps, boarding schools, or youth wilderness programs.

Get the Help Your Teen Needs

Even the best of teens struggle at times, but our PTSD counseling centers are here to support, guide, counsel, and teach in a safe, comfortable environment. Our program uses an evidence-based, therapeutic community model. Our program is supported by empirical research, which means it has been verified by experience, not just theory.

We create a positive change in our teens by using a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates all aspects of counseling and healing, including education, health and nutrition, activities, and individual, group, or family therapy sessions.

Our program offers four stages: the Discovery Stage, Recovery State, Integration Stage, and Aftercare with Continued Support. Each stage offers a different level of residential treatment and outpatient treatment, and we put special emphasis on our aftercare and reintegration stage to help teens adjust to living and coping outside the center.

We believe that every teenager we help is a good kid who has made some bad choices and is struggling to manage their thoughts, emotions, and actions. We treat each one of our teens as if they were our own, with care, compassion, and support.

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Call our friendly, professional team in Utah today at 1-855-968-8443 for more information on our PTSD treatment programs and to receive your free consultation. We will help your teen with a personalized plan of therapy, education, and recreation to meet their specific and unique needs.