In today’s world, it’s all too common for teens to make bad decisions. Even the best kids – perhaps some you know and love – can lose their way. Since 1990, the LifeLine for Youth program has brought hope and healing to thousands of families suffering from substance abuse, depression, family relationship problems, criminal behavior, school problems, pornography, out-of-control and other destructive behaviors that prevent youth from being happy and successful. We help both teens and their families make positive changes for life.

What are the Warning Signs

How do you know the difference between normal teenage behavior and real trouble?

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Lifeline is a family focused treatment program with a unique approach

What About Their Grades and School Credits

We offer a fully accredited school program

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We truly believe every teenager we help is a good kid that has just made some bad choices.


Appropriate recreational activities provides opportunities for fun, positive interactions, and improves growth and self esteem.


When good kids from good homes make bad choices, there is a reason why. Parents are often puzzled by a sudden change in their son or daughter’s behavior. Our thorough assessment process helps provide the answers about why.

Research Based

Recent research strongly suggest that youth treatment can only be effective when it includes strong family involvement, brings together community resources for the youth, and provides structured aftercare support. That research describes well the approach LifeLine has been doing for more than 20 years.

Admissions Criteria

LifeLine is not always the answer for troubled youth. Our skilled Addmissions Counselors can help evaluate if LifeLine is a good fit, or assist in finding more appropriate resources for the family.

Education Program

LifeLine provides an fully accredited education program with the goal of getting all students caught up and on track to return back home and back to school.

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Parenting doesn't come with a handbook...

It is understandable and normal to have questions and feel at a loss with your kids. That is especially true when they become teenagers. It becomes more acute if your teenager is facing issues like depression, substance abuse, school problems, pornography, out-of-control behavior, and a whole host of other issues.  LifeLine for Youth is here to help answer your questions and get help your family find peace again.

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