Teenage Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment in Utah

LifeLine for Youth provides prescription drug abuse treatment for teenagers across the United States. Located in Utah, we offer a proven, research-backed approach to helping your teenager overcome his or her addiction to prescription drugs.

Help Every Step of the Way

It can be easy to ignore the danger of addiction that prescription drugs can pose, but more and more teenagers are becoming addicted. Even the brightest, most promising teenager can become involved with prescription drug abuse, and the licensed professionals here at LifeLine for Youth are here to help.

Knowing how to help your teenager through all the different stages of healing from prescription drug abuse can be a daunting task for parents, and that’s why we at LifeLine for Youth will continue to help your teenager while he or she are on the road to recovery and progressing at school and home.

From admittance into our Residential Treatment program to the transition back to school, our prescription drug abuse treatment program will provide your teen with the help he or she needs every step of the way. We can help your teen get fully back into the life he or she once had.

Research-Based, Integrative Program

Our integrative program offers school classes, recreational activities (including off-site adventures), and an emphasis on service. Each student completes a prevention relapse plan upon completion of the program, and our staff continues to work with him or her until recovery is complete.

We have been helping troubled teenagers for over 25 years. Our program is based off of a research-backed model and has been proven effective countless times as we have worked with a wide variety of students and their families.

Contact Us Today

If you are worried about your teenager’s prescription drug abuse, give us a call at 1-855-968-8443 today. Let our licensed professionals help your teenager learn to thrive again.