Get Pornography Addiction Help for Teenagers in Utah

Images of scantily clad and nude men and women are everywhere. Your teen doesn’t even have to be looking for pornographic images to be exposed to them. In fact, according to GOOD Magazine, 12 percent of the sites on the internet are pornographic. Once confined to salacious magazines, porn can now be viewed with a simple click.

If your teen is struggling with a pornography addiction, there’s hope. This habit can be broken, but it takes time and individualized treatment to overcome. At LifeLine, we offer pornography addiction help for teenagers in Utah. Read on to learn how porn affects your teen’s brain and what we can do to help.

How a Pornography Addiction Harms Your Teen

According to surveys, teens are exposed to porn for the first time as early as 11 years old. But how does repeated exposure affect your teen? While research on pornography addiction is inconclusive, here’s what some experts have found.

Excessive Porn Viewing Is Correlated With Health Issues

While research is foggy on whether porn causes health issues, the studies do suggest that pornography addictions and health issues are correlated. People who view porn regularly are more likely to suffer from bipolar disorder, anxiety, or depression.

Porn May Normalize Unhealthy Sexual Behavior

According to one study, 90 percent of popular porn has scenes depicting physical violence against women. It stands to reason that regularly viewing scenes like these could cause viewers to think of this behavior as normal. Worse still, porn may influence teens’ ability to read sexual nonverbal cues, causing them to mistake nonconsent for consent.

How to Get Pornography Addiction Help for Youth

At LifeLine, we help teenagers break destructive habits, like viewing porn, by teaching them to substitute good habits in their place. Our therapists will work one-on-one with your teen to resolve underlying psychological issues that may have led to a porn addiction in the first place. Then we’ll help your child overcome the addiction and prevent relapse with therapy and fun recreational activities.

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