Stop Compulsive Lying From Teenagers in Utah

Also Serving Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada

Most people lie from time to time. Your teen might lie about how they feel, where they went out last night, or who they’re dating, for example. The occasional lie may be frustrating but is not worthy of seeking professional help. However, when your teen’s dishonesty becomes a habit, it’s a problem.

At some point, you may notice that your teen’s lies have become disturbingly frequent. Compulsive lying from teenagers is a serious issue that damages relationships and prevents authentic social interactions. If your child struggles with this habit, Lifeline for Youth can help. We treat teens from Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada.

Recognize the Signs

The challenge with recognizing a liar is that you don’t always know when you’re being lied to. But even a very good liar is likely to slip up at times. One thing that can help you identify lies is to understand why people lie.

With compulsive lying from teenagers, the lies often stem from a desire to look good or impress their peers. If your teenager has low self-esteem or is dissatisfied with their life, they may be more inclined to invent fictitious achievements, friends, or stories. For example, they might tell their friends that they are dating a millionaire or have gone skydiving dozens of times.

If the stories your child tells you sound too incredible or implausible to be true, investigate further.

Another reason teens might lie is to manipulate others for personal gain. For instance, your teen might refuse to take accountability for bad behavior and blame their siblings, teachers, or others.

Get Professional Help

Once you’ve recognized that your child has a problem with compulsive lying, seek treatment as soon as possible. This habit will only become more engrained as time goes on.

Here at Lifeline for Youth, we offer counseling services to help teens get to the root of this problem and develop open and honest communication skills. For more information about our programs for teens in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Nevada, please call 1-855-968-8443.