Our Bipolar Disorder Counseling Programs in Utah

When it comes to bipolar treatment centers, LifeLine for Youth in Utah is among the best. We are a family-based center, providing affordable and successful programs for the entire region, including Idaho, Nevada, Washington, and California. Our staff is trained to provide positive support for both bipolar I and bipolar II.

Learn the Warning Signs

While mood swings and irritability are common in the majority of teenagers, those with bipolar disorder experience extreme states of depression and mania or hypomania, and a more hostile, aggressive irritability.

Some of the warning signs of bipolar disorder include apathy, fatigue, low feelings of self-worth, sleeping too much or too little, difficulty in concentrating while swinging to abnormal happiness, being hyperactive,  or being unusually talkative and productive. The more severe cases include hallucinations, psychosis, delusions, and paranoia.

Discover Bipolar Disorder Counseling Programs

Our Utah location has been providing the area with trusted and effective treatment programs for more than 25 years. We have the training and expertise to provide your teenager with the help they need.

Our treatment philosophy includes aspects of counseling, education, and recreation. We offer group, individual, and family therapy and an accredited academic program integrated with horse riding, rafting, hiking, biking, daily exercise, and sports activities with an emphasis on nutrition.

Every teenager receives a personalized bipolar treatment plan with individual attention in order to meet his or her unique needs and personality in the safe and comfortable environment of our Utah location.

Begin Your Personalized Program

We know that bipolar disorder is difficult for everyone involved, but you can rely on us to provide support, compassion, and care for you and your teen.

If your teenager is struggling, give LifeLine for Youth a call today at 1-855-968-8443. We will provide you with more information on our bipolar disorder counseling programs and give you a free consultation.