Also Serving Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming

The teenage years are a difficult time even in the best of circumstances. Increasing responsibility, a desire for independence, and a cocktail of hormones combine to create a veritable storm of emotions and struggles in teenage life. But when your teen is dealing with bigger issues as well, you may be even more concerned about their emotional well-being.

At LifeLine for Youth, we offer a variety of counseling and educational programs for struggling teens, including those who have emotional problems with adoption. If you live in Utah or the surrounding states and your teenager is struggling to come to terms with their adoption, reach out to LifeLine for Youth today. We provide services for Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, and other western states.

Individual, Group, and Family Therapy

Regardless of the age at which your child was adopted, the teenage years present a unique challenge for a teen who is beginning to create their own identity. Early childhood trauma and upheaval, such as adoption or family struggles, can lead to complex identity questions later in life, questions that parents may not be able to help with.

With the help of a professional therapist from LifeLine for Youth, your child can work through their emotional issues with adoption.

The LifeLine for Youth program relies on multiple approaches to physical and mental well-being. Teens have access to:

  • Individual therapy, where they can privately discuss their emotions and thoughts
  • Group therapy, where they meet with a lead counselor and other teens in similar situations
  • Family therapy, where you join your teen and a therapist to talk about struggles unique to your family and your child’s adoption

We find that having multiple therapy options gives teens and their families the ability to pick the treatment styles that are best suited to them. It also creates a clearer pathway to reaching therapy objectives.

In addition to therapy, we offer recreational courses. Physical activity is a great form of distraction but also helps to promote a healthy lifestyle and improve mood, which can be helpful for teens who are struggling with emotional issues pertaining to their adoption.

Accessible Services

LifeLine for Youth is based in Utah, and we provide services throughout the west, including Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, and Wyoming. If you want to learn more about our program, call 801-936-4000. For information about admissions, call 1-855-968-8443.