Teenage ADHD Counseling in Utah

Being a teenager is hard enough without also dealing with ADHD. At LifeLine for Youth, we have comprehensive youth ADHD treatment programs offered at our Utah location. We offer services to teens throughout the western states, including Idaho, Nevada, Washington, and California.

Know the Signs

ADHD is a childhood issue, but it may go undiagnosed for years or may get worse in the teenage years. The main symptoms of ADHD are being easily distracted, unorganized, hyperactive, forgetful, and impulsive. Many people with ADHD also have poor concentration.

These symptoms can manifest in many ways in a teen’s life, including becoming bored easily, often losing things, having a hard time listening or learning new things, frequently getting lost in daydreams, constantly moving, talking, or touching everything in sight, having difficulty sleeping, getting easily frustrated, acting out inappropriately, and being unable to control their emotions.

Unfortunately, ADHD is usually accompanied with other disorders, such as anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, substance abuse or learning disabilities.

See Our Program

Our youth ADHD programs and our employees strictly adhere to our six core values of Trust, Safety, Service, Spirituality, Respect, and Integrity. We believe that these values are essential to the success of all of our programs.

We integrate our values into our therapy, education, and recreational activities, as well as in everything else we do. Our multi-disciplinary team meets often to discuss each teen in the program to make sure that everyone is receiving the right amount — and type — of personalized care to promote the best individual growth, healing, and learning in his or her life.

Get a Consultation

If you are interested in our teenage ADHD counseling, give our Utah office a call at 1-855-968-8443. Our staff members will be happy to answer all of your questions, discuss your admission eligibility, and provide a free consultation.

We look forward to helping your teen.