Addiction and Substance Abuse Treatment for Teens in Utah and the Surrounding States

If you have a teen or youth that suffers from substance abuse or addiction, LifeLine for Youth can help.  We serve families across Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, and Colorado. If you live in Salt Lake City, UT; Boise, ID; Carson City, NV; Denver, CO; Cheyenne, WY; or anywhere surrounding these state capitals, get in touch.

We use compassionate, professional addiction and substance abuse treatment to help your loved one overcome his or her addiction and turn a new leaf on life. With your support and our assistance, he or she will be better prepared to battle any struggles and face a new life with hope.

Professional Substance Abuse Help

Every student or young adult that enters any of our facilities will first undergo a 21-day evaluation. We perform a complete lab workup (including drug screening, pregnancy tests, and microscopic urinalyses), a psychosocial history evaluation, and a psychiatric evaluation to better understand which kinds of treatment your teen or youth needs. If necessary, we’ll also perform psychological testing.

After the evaluation, your teen or loved one will participate in a treatment plan that is individualized to address their needs. Each individual will meet with a Licensed Clinical Therapist to receive additional support during treatment. We also perform family therapy to help the family learn how best to support their teen. Every week, we discuss how every teen or youth is progressing, and we find new ways to tailor treatment plans to ensure each of our patients’ success.

Treatment at LifeLine for Youth is based on a unique, evidence-based model that uses clinical methods consistent with both empirical research and the recommendations of leading mental health authorities and addiction specialists. We will discuss every aspect of your teen’s specific plan with you and your child. We’ll make every effort to ensure that your teen feels safe, supported, and comfortable while in our care.

Before contacting our Utah office, read through our admissions criteria. Then, use our contact form to get in touch with our headquarters in North Salt Lake, UT.