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To continue the discussion on the LifeLine Core Values, in this article I will address the Value of SPIRITUALITY.  Taken form the official LifeLine Statement of Core Values on Spirituality:

Humility and Gratitude.  We believe healing and recovery comes through spiritual growth.  A strong belief in a Higher Power to guide our moral compass leads to humility and gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of the LifeLine for Youth mission.  It is our commitment to maintain an environment where spirituality is fostered through role modeling and the youth are encouraged to explore spirituality within the context of their own family’s beliefs and values.”

The beneficial role that faith and spirituality play in the prevention and treatment of substance abuse and psychological problems has long been acknowledged.  Recent evidence demonstrates that there is a positive association between positive spirituality and mental health and well being (Larimore, Parker, & Crowther, 2002). Researchers recommend that therapists learn to assess their clients’ spiritual health and to provide desired spiritual intervention (Richards & Bergin, 2000). LifeLine is committed to supporting spirituality and to providing opportunities for their youth to experience spiritual enrichment.

Spirituality is a key part of everyday conversations here at LifeLine.  As presented by the 12 step model of recovery, the journey of recovery is a “spiritual and emotional awakening” that takes place as youth contemplate their choices against the values and beliefs they were raised with and anchored by in their childhood.  Rediscovering a relationship with God is a very personal and individual process that is supported and encouraged by the environment at LifeLine.

We provide opportunities for parents of the youth here at LifeLine to invite Spiritual Leaders and individuals working with youth in a spiritual setting (Pastors, Priests, Bishops, Rabbis, Young Men and Young Women leaders, etc.) to attend workshops at our Spiritual Leader Dinners held 6 times a year.  We provide training to the leaders on warning signs, and how to support youth and families participating in LifeLine.  These are amazing events that I always look forward to because it can make all the difference in the lives of these youth to see that people care about them and are willing to give of their time to support them.  It is often that youth tell me, “I can’t believe they came here just to see me!”  This creates the important connectedness that I discussed in the SERVICE article (click here) and helps the youth overcome the restiveness that they have felt with religion and spirituality.

It is our commitment that we will provide an environment that encourages and fosters spiritual growth and supports the values of the individual and their families.

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