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Dan on Studio 5 June 19, 2013


Clinical Director, Dan Scholz, with Lifeline, says if parents want to help their kids, it’s important to take care of themselves first.

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Dan on Studio 5 November 28, 2012

LifeLine is a program for youth aged 13-17. Our belief is that “where there’s smoke there’s fire”, meaning when there are behavioral problems there are underlying reasons.

We commonly deal with behavioral problems or “Warning Signs”:

Warning signs include:
Declining grades
Family conflict
Substance abuse
Mood changes
Change in friends
Anger or aggression

Our belief is that drugs and other behavioral problems are a symptom, not the problem. We define this as a “Core issue”.

Core issues include:
Grief and loss
Change in living

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Dan on Studio 5, March 2012


Many families are affected by drug experimentation and addiction. It can start with teens who might start using drugs and it can quickly turn into an addiction that affects the entire family.

Dan Scholz, LCSW, is a the Clinical Director at LifeLine for youth and he helps breaks down what can lead to addictions and how to find help.

Drug addiction is a chronic disease characterized by changes in the brain which result in a compulsive desire to use a drug.

Teen substance abuse trends

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Over the counters
  • Prescriptions
  • Spice
  • Mushrooms

Why do people take drugs?

  • To feel good
  • To feel better
  • To do better
  • Curiosity and
  • “because others are doing it”

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. It can impact every type of family regardless of background. We treat youth from all types of religions, socioeconomic background, gender, race, etc. Addiction impacts Utah families and can cause significant problems. As parents, spend time understanding prevention methods and warning signs of substance abuse problems. The more habitual the problem becomes the more difficult it can be to treat it. Fortunately there is hope. Addicts can change. We know that family support is critical in prevention as well as treatment.

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Dan on Studio 5, February 2012


If you want to keep your kids safe and away from drugs or “at-risk” activities,  the best time to start is right now.   Research shows that even kids in high- risk situations can be successful in avoiding destructive behavior with the  right steps from parents.

Dan Scholz, Clinical Director at LifeLine for Youth – a resource for at-risk kids and outlines some  steps to take.

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Shane on Studio 5, January 2012


In today’s world, it’s all too common for teens to make bad decisions. Even  the best kids – perhaps some you know and love – can lose their way. Life- line helps both teens and their families make positive changes for life.  Shane Petersen, Executive Director of the LifeLine for Youth Program  shares how parents can keep their kids  making the right choices.