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Teens and young adults who are struggling with problems such as substance abuse, addiction, suicidal thoughts, and behavioral issues—including behavioral issues related to conditions such as PTSD—need comprehensive treatment from trained professionals. If you’re worried about your child, consider teenage counseling through LifeLine.

Our Services

LifeLine blends therapy, education, and recreation together as we treat teens and young adults in our residential treatment program. We then help our students transition back to regular routines through daytime treatment and then outpatient services.

Our treatment program has helped young people from a number of states, including:

Our treatment is research based and focuses on creating positive change for each student through professional treatment and a supportive community. We have nearly 30 years of experience helping youth heal and reach their potential, and with the expertise we’ve gained, we’ve maintained a 97-percent satisfaction rating from the parents of our former students.

To learn more or sign your child up, call 1-855-968-8443 or fill out our contact form.