At LifeLine for Youth, we have developed a set of core values, the Principles of Trust, that our employees live by and teach to the youth through word and example. Trust is essential to our success at LifeLine. It takes a great deal of trust for a parent to place their child in any program so we want to make sure ours is a safe teen counseling program. For the youth at LifeLine to gain hope and begin to heal, they must begin to trust the staff, trust the process, and trust themselves. The youth learn to rebuild Trust with their family by applying the “Principles of Trust” and learning to let values guide their choices and improve their relationships by applying the values of Safety, Service, Spirituality, Respect, and Integrity.


Trust is an essential ingredient to successful business, healthy relationships, a high functioning team, and the process of effective therapy. At LifeLine we will create strong trust with each other and the families that we serve through our commitment to living, modeling, and teaching the LifeLine Core Values and Principles of Trust.


Physical, Emotional, and Mental Safety. Real trust is anchored by a sense of safety. We are committed to creating a safe environment for healing and recovery (See Joint Commission Accreditation). We strive to make the LifeLine for Youth program safe from violence and all forms of abuse – verbal, mental, or emotional. It will not only be a safe environment for the youth in recovery, but a safe and fun place to work.


Selflessness and Sacrifice. LifeLine is built on service. We will serve our customers with the highest quality of care we can provide. Through service and sacrifice we teach others self worth and self love – proving to them that they are worth being loved. This spirit of service will show through all our interactions with co-workers, the youth, and their families.


Humility and Gratitude. We believe healing and recovery comes through spiritual growth. A strong belief in a Higher Power to guide our moral compass leads to humility and gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of the LifeLine mission. It is our commitment to maintain an environment where spirituality is fostered through role modeling and the youth are encouraged to explore spirituality within the context of their own family’s beliefs and values.


EmpathySensitivity, and Understanding. To build trust, we must first treat all people with dignity and respect their individuality. We will be sensitive to individual needs and personalities of our co-workers, the youth, and their families; always seeking for better understanding of their feelings and experiences. We respect that each youth is inherently good and strive to separate the bad choices from the good of the individual.


HonestyAccountability, and Commitment. We will operate LifeLine with integrity. We will strive to provide the services that we committed to provide and be accountable for those commitments. We will operate with openness and honesty in all that we do as we strive to fill the Mission and Purpose of LifeLine.

As employees of LifeLine, we teach through example. Our commitment to integrity means that we will live the values and principles that we teach the youth in our own lives without hypocrisy. We practice sobriety and abstain from all drug, alcohol, and tobacco use and model healthy personal relationships. True integrity comes from doing what we know is right even when no one is watching.